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Brief Introduction

Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) was founded in 1954. After half a century’s development it has become a multidisciplinary university whose discipline layout is featured with engineering as its lead as well as an integration of science and engineering, economy, management, philosophy, law, literature, arts, medicine, agriculture and education.

KUST was authorized to offer adult higher education in 1963. After the merge with former Yunnan Technological University, KUST attaches more importance to the growth of continuing education and puts it into the general development plan, which prompts the rapid growth of continuing education of KUST.

As an administrative organization of adult education and also a relatively independent educational entity in Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST), Faculty of Continuing Education has bounden duty in the course of building learning society and lifelong education system. Now, it has about 30 cooperative institutions inside and outside Yunnan Province.

Faculty of Continuing Education offers different kinds of training and courses at different levels, such as accredited programs including diploma programs, undergraduate programs, training courses for the self-taught exam candidates, and other kinds of training. At present, the adult degree education consists of 70 undergraduate programs and diploma programs. Nearly fifty years, 80000 have graduated, among which 4000 got bachelor degree.

Faculty of Continuing education attaches great importance to the quality of education and won a good reputation in the society. It won a title Advanced unit in correspondence education in higher education in Yunnan province in 1997. In 2003, it was awarded a title typical help organization in the national self-taught exam in higher education, initiated by the office of self-taught exam in higher education in Ministry of Education, and Advanced unit in adult education which was issued by the Adult Education Association in Yunnan province. To meet the needs of a learning society, the college will continue its efforts to provide quality education and different kind of training at different levels and contribute itself to the social progress.

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