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Dean’s Welcome
Dean’s Welcome

Adult education is a practice of post-school education to all members of the society. As a crucial part of the life-long education system, adult education is also an important force in making our country rich in human resources, building a learning society and promoting people’s all-round development.

21st century is not merely an era of drastic development of human civilization, but also an age of rapid change. Every sphere of social life is undergoing profound changes, which brings unprecedented chances and challenges. Knowledge is now the dominant driving force for social development and human progress. Technological advances will not only bring about the unparalleled revolution in production, but have a profound effect on people’s work, study and life. As globalization accelerates, people’s all-round development has to be attached much more importance to. Therefore, more and more people realize the necessity of studying constantly, up-dating knowledge and improving competence. The formula of “Education for life” that was enough in the times when knowledge used to renew once in 30 years has been replaced by another: “Education through the whole life”.

Chinese government has been attaching great importance to adult education and adult learning. It was pointed out in the 17th National Party Congress, 2007, and was accentuated in the 18th National Party Congress, 2012, that a more perfect system of modern national education and of lifelong education will have taken shape by 2020. And also, a learning society in which all the people will learn or even pursue life-long education will emerge to boost their all-round development. In order to achieve this strategic goal, the practice of building learning organizations all over the country is in the ascendant, which creates a thick atmosphere of pursuing lifelong study in the whole society.

In china, regular institutions of higher education are required to “participate consciously in promoting the construction of learning society, adapt to meet the needs of an ear of the whole people study and lifelong learning, accelerate the development of continuing education, strengthen science popularization, and offer diversified education services to the society.”  As an administrative organization of adult education and also a relatively independent educational entity in Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST), Faculty of Continuing Education (FCE) has bounden duty in the course of building learning society and lifelong education system. For nearly fifty years, relying on the KUST’s educational resources and the advantages of disciplines, a school-running system with multi-form and multi-level has been shaped to serve the local economic development and meet the needs of adult learner, which greatly promote the local economic growth and enhance the quality of adult.

In the new historical period, FCE will follow the National Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development, grasp the historical chance of the transformation of higher education, adhere to the working thoughts of “taking cultivation of people as the foundation, taking all factors into consideration when making overall plans, optimizing structure, highlighting characteristics, improving quality and ensuring comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of adult higher education at KUST”, unswervingly follow the path of connotative development, change concepts in adult education, innovate talent cultivation mode, strengthen the consciousness of development, service and responsibility, take a role as educational institution seriously, respect adult learners’ subjectivity and learning law of adult study, devote to adults’ career promotion, enterprises’ innovation and development of the nation.

There’s a Chinese saying, “It’s never too old to learn.” Let us always be enterprising and keep learning, engage in the construction of learning organization and learning society, adhere to scientific outlook of development, work hard to improve service levels and ability of innovation and growth to create a better future.

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